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Shades of Summer


Hello everybody, I have some good news! Many  have asked for the much-loved Shades of Summer design and…


The license has expired and the panel is no longer available but for those who were fortunate to have already purchased the panel, the following tips should help…



I thought I would show you the embroidered piece by the talented Emma Kriegler 

and how she made the flowers in the foreground…


Click on the image to enlarge


The full panel…



Close-up detail… 





and more detail 🙂






and the flowers in the foreground…



Here’s how:


For the thin grass, Emma used thread and long straight stitches. She added small seed beads for the flowers.


For the thick grass, Emma used twisted straight stitch and folded straight stitch in ribbon.


The long white flowers at the back: she used small white seed beads – don’t you think it has a lovely effect?


The lilac and red flowers in the front are made in loose/puffed ribbon stitch and the green leaves alongside are made in the same way.


For the glittery effect of the water, Emma used a glitter pen. Silver or white is a good colour.


See how easy it really is to make a spectacular design in ribbon embroidery?



Happy Halloween to all my American friends and enjoy the rest of your day






PS. You will find more information here… a lovely project for the holidays!