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A Proud Peacock..

A proud Peacock.

GOOD morning, stitching world  ♥  

I have something lovely to show you…a dazzling Peacock by

 Инесса Тимонина (Inessa Timonina) from Moscow, Russia.

Click on the image to enlarge

Close-up detail

The beautiful feathers

The tree

and more…

Thank you so much, Inessa, for sharing your beauty with all of us.

I have more of Inessa’s beautiful roses and flowers to show you in the coming weeks.

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Hope you are all having a good day ♪♫♬♪



11 thoughts on “A Proud Peacock..”

  1. Hi, Is there a pattern for this or a kit? This is what I have been looking for the past few months. Please let me know if I can purchase this pattern. I would greatly appreciate it.
    Timi Ferguson
    HF Western Beads and supplies
    Las Vegas, NV USA

    1. Hi Timi
      Innesa lives in Moscow and I am not sure if there is a pattern for this gorgeous design. I will try to find out for you from my friends in Russia and will let you know. Please could I ask you to give me a bit of time? I have a deadline for a new book which is approaching fast and as soon as I can, I will let you know. Thank you!

  2. If there is a pattern for this beautiful peacock, will you post it in a thread here? It seems there are many who would love to attempt it. Thanks! (Hope your book is going well.)

  3. Is there a pattern for this?? I would Love to do it but wouldn’t dare try it on my own!! Its so beautiful!!

    1. Hi Heather, we have tried to ask for the pattern, but I think Innessa made it free-hand. Hopefully it will inspire you to make one too 🙂
      Have a good week
      Kindest regards

  4. This peacock is absolutely stunning.
    As everyone else has stated, the pattern would be most welcome.
    Fabulous workmanship. My grandmother made a similar one in the 1960’s but it was not nearly as spectacular as this one. It made my day to be blessed to see and behold this amazing work of art. Thank you.

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