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A flower cart ….


Good Morning, Goeie more, HOWDY, Buon Giorno, Bonjour, Guten Morgen, Selamat Pagi,

Buenos Dias, God Morgen, Dobroye utro, Boker tov, kunjhani, Buenos Días,

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Cao An, Ohayo Gozaimasu,  Labas Rytas,  Bună Dimineaţa, ДОБЪР ДЕН, Sanibonani,

Sugeng dalu, Marhaba, Salutari  :)))



I have a lovely flower cart to share with you today!   Embroidered by the talented

Sonia Lacson from Sarasota, Florida in the USA.





















Don’t you think it is gorgeous! I love the way she has combined the different genres in her masterpiece :))




































Sonia is an avid stitcher and beader. She loves stumpwork and silk ribbon embroidery and is a member of the American Needlepoint Guild and Embroidery Guild of America.






























Two years ago she bought my RES and Perfect World kits and has been hooked on stumpwork and silk ribbon embroidery since.

She meets with a group of stumpwork and ribbon embroidery aficionados in Sarasota and they work on their projects together.


Don’t you just love her rose?

















Thank you Sonia for sharing your masterpiece with all of us  


Wishing you all a perfect day





3 thoughts on “A flower cart ….”

  1. Any possibility of making a kit of that, i simple love love it, sorry to drive you mad, luv u xoxox

  2. I’m trying to see if Sonia is the same gal that does beading & did a beading leaf necklace for the seed bead contest for Firestone Mtn Gems, it is to die for & if so ,would there be a kit or at the least a pattern or step by step instructions available for purchase?

    Thank-you for your time

    I’m not on facebook

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