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So lovely…..


A very good morning to you! The sun is shining this side and it is a beautiful day in Cape Town.

We have had lots of rain so the dogs and I have not been able to any walking and we all

have cabin fever. So guess what we will do today as soon as I have finished everything on my list :))



Today I want to show you this masterpiece by my friend and stockist in Moscow, Russia:

Marina Zherdeva. Marina entered this design in the International Silk Ribbon Embroidery competition.




I just love the peacefulness of this design and how she made the chairs,

the colours that she used, and I love, love, love her roses!


Below are close-up details of her magnificent work.


Hope that these pictures will inspire you today :)))





A basket of roses …




A lovely bouquet ….




Some daisies….




A bouquet of roses…






Some more roses for you :))))




…and some more ♥ 





Thank you Marina for your beauty  






5 thoughts on “So lovely…..”

  1. Some people are born artistic! Marina, you are one of these. When I get born, I want to be like you! Stunning work!

  2. i m so glad to see this master piece of art.. i wish i could touch these art works and be able to feel the freshness and depth of work n emotions you have put in many thanks for sharing .

  3. Hello marina your work is very very beautiful.I dont describe your roses.i like to learn these roses.Do you help me to learn?

  4. i love this this is actually a lovly master piece i want to kiss your hands can i know how you make the net of the chair plz tell me i will be highly obliged love u nagina waseem rabbani

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