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A Favour kit


A favour Kit


This gorgeous piece is easy to make and looks fabulous in a frame. Why not make something really beautiful for your bedroom wall or for a guest room, hallway or for a special friend?




The kit contains:


1) The printed panel, which is A3 size (or two foolscap pages) printed onto a large pure cotton cloth, to fit in a large hoop or frame.


2) Colour picture of completed design to guide you with colours and stitches and a few notes about which stitches and colours to use. Note: There are no step-by-step instructions, only notes written on a printed page of the embroidered piece.


3) Doll’s Hair: 2 pkts of hair (1 light brown and 1 dark brown)


4)  Di van Niekerk’s silk ribbons:
4mm silk ribbons x 4 packets

2mm silk ribbons x 1 packet

Total = 5 packets of ribbon.


5) Six-strand embroidery cotton: 4 skeins of thread.


6) Rajmahal Art. Silk thread x 2 skeins


7) Metallic thread x 1 card of gold metallic thread.
8) A Piece of White Organza material (30cm x 20 cm) for the dress.