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A beautiful piece by Tetiana Korobeinyk (Татьяна Коробейник) from Italy ….


 Good morning from a rainy and cold Cape town


Hope you are all looking forward to the weekend   


Today I want to show a beautiful piece which Татьяна Коробейник (Tetiana Korobeinyk) from Italy sent in for the International Silk Ribbon Embroidery competition.


Татьяна Коробейник is from the Ukraine, and now lives with her hubby and son in lives in Foggia,  Italy. She loves nature and since doing ribbon embroidery, she sees flowers and leaves from a whole different angle….


I love the simplicity of this design and how Tetiana cleverly combined many colours to blend so well together.



Click on the images to enlarge















I love the looseness of the texture that she created and how she combined the different stitches so they all integrate so well.















Have a look here to see the original panel. It is one of my favourite designs—how  I wish I was there looking over the sea :))





































Congratulations Tetiana on a magnificent piece and thank you for sharing your beautiful work with us. Do have a look on Tatiana’s Facebook page to see more of her masterpieces.  She makes the most exquisite handbags too!


Have a wonderful weekend







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  1. Thank you dear Dee for graciously given you the opportunity to take part in this wonderful contest! I am delighted with the work the winners, there is room to grow and improve! I wish you all a good Sunday and joy of creation! THANK YOU!

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