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Back in Cape Town ….




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Hello from Cape Town!



I hope you are well and happy…


I am back from Koala Conventions in Brisbane,

and what an impressive convention it was.

So well organised – everything worked like clockwork.



Meeting up with friendly embroiderers and talented

teachers was good for my soul and I really enjoyed

teaching ribbon embroidery to gentle,

kind and enthusiastic stitchers from Australia,

New Zealand, Indonesia, Malaysia and

surrounding countries.



Australia is a land of vast distances and it was

interesting to meet embroiderers all the way

from Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Hobart

and many other towns and cities – they travel far

to enjoy this convention which takes place in Brisbane

once a year.



Click on images to enlarge











There were so many workshops to choose from,

so many talented teachers … I think that the

participants had a hard time choosing their workshops!


For those of you who chose to do silk ribbon embroidery:

I do hope that they enjoyed learning how to create

with silk ribbon — I certainly enjoyed every minute teaching you!















The apartments we stayed at were marvellous,

with everything that opens and shuts:  

Dishwasher, microwave, stove, washing machine,

tumble dryer … and this made life very easy

after a long day of teaching.











Thank you to Wendy and Andy Wilson

and the Koala team for making this possible

for all of us and a big thank you to all the

embroiderers who attended the classes

– it was great fun and I hope to see you in 2013

– same place, same time!


I will start working on four new beautiful projects

….feeling very creative and inspired after seeing

all the wonderful work at Koala.







If you need any of my ribbons or printed panels,

or any of the kits that from the workshops,

you are welcome to order them from Koala

on the website:



My new Roses book was launched in Brisbane














and I am not sure how many books I signed,

but my hand felt it, that’s for sure!

There has been such a positive response to this book

and I thank every one of you who took the trouble to

write to me …one is always nervous about a new book

and I am happy to say that everyone seems to be

pleased with it 🙂












After the convention, Hazel and I left for Cairns

and saw parts of the Great Barrier Reef

which stretches for 2,600 kilometres or

1600 miles off the coast of Queensland

and how beautiful it was!

































The cableway that runs over the rainforest

to Kuranda was most enjoyable.











The little station at Kuranda is picture-perfect

and the Kuranda Scenic Train that we travelled

on our return to Cairns was most interesting.











I just loved this little hut in Kuranda

– it looked like it needed a hug :))











Had the most delicious Australian steak that night

and really enjoyed the small break that we had

before returning to Sydney and then the

l-o-o-o-o-o-ng flight home to Cape Town

via Johannesburg.


The four-leggeds and family were very happy that I was home at last…












Till next time, happy stitching and hope you enjoy the Roses book!







2 thoughts on “Back in Cape Town ….”

  1. Dearest Di – so glad your time in Australia was so enjoyable. Glad you got to relax too and take in some of the scenery to feast your eyes on. You just do not know how I envy the ladies who were at the confention; however, now that I know when next you plan to be back again, I know that I will start planning NOW to BE THERE!

    Picked up my parcel and was blown away at the superb quality of cloth used. I would not expect anything less from a top class Girl like you either! Look forward to getting stuck into these projects. Big hug and kisses for this.

    Now I know there will be thousands of ladies world-wide that will want to get going now that your Roses book is available. You are to embroiderers like water in the desert – precious. I wish you everything of the best with this new book and know that you are probably already putting your thinking cap on as to your next project.

    Take care and look after yourself
    Lots of love
    Shirls from Down Under xxx

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