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Good morning stitching world ♬❤♬













The international SRE competition is over…..  and how I WISH you could see the magnificent masterpieces that I have received from all corners of the globe.


♬❤♬❤♬❤♬❤♬ Thank you to everyone who entered – for all your hard work and your dedication to this exciting event.


The talent out there is breathtakingly beautiful and I am so pleased that I will not have to be a judge!  It is going to be a difficult task for them, as every piece is just too beautiful…


I will send out a newsletter about the judges and the competition next week.


THANK YOU everyone for your beautiful, beautiful masterpieces. I cannot wait to show you once the judging is over….so don’t forget to [scg_html_myblog] for the latest updates!


Have a beautiful day and GOOD LUCK!