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Ribbon stitch

Ribbon stitch is probably the stitch which is the most used stitch of all the stitches in ribbon embroidery.

To make the stitch, pierce the ribbon before taking the needle to the back. Hold the stitch with your finger as you pull the ribbon through your fabric and stop pulling as soon as the stitch curls up on the edge. If you pull the ribbon too far, it becomes a straight stitch. Don’t worry, simply make another stitch on top – this adds texture to your design 🙂

If you pierce the ribbon on the right edge (see diagram in the middle) the stitch will curl up to the right. If you pierce the ribbon close to the left edge the stitch will curl up to the left.

Stitch diagram is © Metz Press and Di van Niekerk.

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  2. My daughter has found a new love, embroidery with ribbon!!! I have a tremor so stitching is tough for me but I am so happy for her!!

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